About us

About the Crispello

As the name suggests, this is a website for enthusiastic food lovers.. 
The aims of this site are simple and the objectives broad. 
To create a gastronomic resource for everyone who adores food or who just wants to learn more. 
Like any subject you can't know it all - The Foody certainly doesn't profess to. 
That is why your help is needed.

What are the Aims?

Simple, to promote the producers and cooking of food from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. 
To encourage people to buy locally produced food and then to cook it!

How can you Help?

By getting in touch by email and sending any interesting recipes, stories, anecdotes, in fact anything of interest related to food. 
Or, if you spot some information on the website that is incorrect - please do send an email. 
If you can recommend a product, an ingredient or know a place worth visiting, why not share your knowledge with others? 
If you have photo's please send them too (but do email before doing so). 
Also, if you wish to advertise or offer sponsorship, the rates are very competitive!

To Support me in my journey you can donate (upi 8052545841@ybl) or
paypal paypal.me/anujlar
A small amount of 2$ even will be of great help. 

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